HV and Distribution Coordinator

In this role as a HV and Utilities Co-ordinator you will be responsible for ensuring that:

  • The operations on the site arterial piped services and pipe bridges are carried out safely and effectively.
  • To provide a High Voltage switching service to the Site and for external customers.
  • The co-ordination of the site operations on an hour-by-hour and day-to-day basis to achieve the various production plant requirements while taking into account the needs of the site as a whole in terms of balances, costs, EHS and Quality.
Business Area
Billingham Manufacturing
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HV and Distribution Coordinator

In this role you will be accountable for...

Stage 1 role

  • Acts as first investigator for HV trips, loss of supply incidents and piped service problems to ensure that personnel and plant are not put at unacceptable risk. To ensure the resolution of reported problems and the accurate collection of diagnostic information to allow accurate investigations take place.
  • Controls access to the Manufacturing Services Area pipe bridges and service corridors, carrying out inductions to ensure that      personnel are not exposed to unacceptable risk.
  • Advice and help in the planning and execution of projects on the Services Section.
  • Carry out HV isolations and switching safely and effectively in compliance with the Site HV Rules (abiding by segregation of duties).
  • Decommission, prepare and issue work control permits (WCP’s) and certificate of conditions and responsibility (CCR’s) and re-commission to meet both planned and ad hoc maintenance requests to ensure plant downtime is minimised and minimum delays incurred. WCP’s includes Creation of Hotwork permits and control of confined spaces.
  • Ensures the timely commissioning of arterial piped services to ensure that plant and personnel are not put at unacceptable      risk.
  • Ensure the accurate and timely recording of the metered services to site utilities customers
  • Responsible for the following systems, including fault reporting:
    • Fire main and fixed fire systems at Portrack and Billingham
    • Site Effluent Systems
    • Impairment notices to CF Insurance company
    • Site Roads, street lighting including site traffic management
  • Out of hours contact for Security company

Stage 2 Role

  • Monitor the import, production, distribution and consumption of site chemicals and services including natural gas, electricity, ammonia, nitrogen, water, steam and effluents. Provide demand forecasts for natural gas and electricity to suppliers on a daily and weekly basis.
  • Lead investigation of operational and supply problems ensuring effective resolution of problems.  This will involve hour-by-hour liaison with other plants, customers, suppliers and site tenants to ensure that all parties are kept fully informed until problems are fully resolved.
  • Control HV isolations and switching safely and effectively in compliance with site HV rules (Shift Manager is a Fully Authorised person under those rules).
  • Make operational decisions on a daily to weekly time horizon ensuring that activities and work planning are prioritised for the overall benefit and  efficiency of customers and system users (e.g. balancing the ammonia and steam distribution systems).
  • Liase with the maintenance and engineering team to ensure that work is planned and executed effectively taking full account of production requirements and equipment availability.
  • Ensure an effective operational interface is maintained with customers, suppliers and site tenants.  There are an exceptional number of interfaces with a large number of customers, suppliers and site tenants across a whole range of business functions and activities.  These interfaces involve a wide and diverse range of products and services.
  • Work with the shift teams (primarily Services Controllers) to ensure process equipment and systems are prepared for maintenance/engineering activities safely, effectively and without environmental incident.
  • Provide operating support in emergencies and coordination across the site to achieve the required standards of EH&S performance, customer service, quality and efficiency.

The skills, qualifications and experience you will have...

  • Excellent communication skills
  • Experience in an industrial environment and be established within production and maintenance or engineering.
  • Core  behavioural  competencies  would  include  accountability,  calm,  balanced decision making skills, team work, self-motivated, delivery/ performance orientation
  • Production process knowledge and experience within a shift working environment
  • Experience of process plant operations, preferably within a COMAH environment
  • Science based further education qualifications desirable

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